General Sales Conditions

  1. All orders, sales, deliveries and services of DKB Group are governed exclusively by these terms and conditions, to the exclusion of any deviating terms and conditions of other contracting parties. By signing the delivery and/or order form, the contracting partner acknowledges having taken note of these terms and conditions and to accept them.

  2. The order for goods and the changes thereto can only be proven by means of a signed order form, to the exclusion of other means of proof under common law. All offers from DKB Group are made without commitment. Matters handled by intermediaries, representatives, etc. are only binding for DKB Group after written confirmation.

  3. The stated delivery period is purely indicative and binds DKB Group. Unless expressly stated, the contracting partner is not entitled to compensation, nor to termination of the order or sale, due to delay in delivery in whatever form.

  4. Delivery is ex warehouse unless otherwise stipulated in writing. The goods are always stored and shipped at the expense and risk of the contracting partner.

  5. If goods, services or installations are legally required to meet certain conditions, prescribed by specific authorities (B.V.V.O., insurance companies, etc.), these must be reported to DKB Group in advance in writing, in any case before delivery/execution.

  6. All delivered and installed goods remain the exclusive property of DKB Group until full payment of the invoice. Unless otherwise stated below, all deliveries of goods and services are deemed to be accepted by the contracting partner. For visible defects, the goods and services must be protested immediately upon delivery. In case of hidden defects, a protest must be made within 8 days after delivery. All protests must be made by registered letter.

  7. If, in the opinion of DKB Group the complaint is correct, DKB Group   reserves the right to choose between payment of fair compensation, at most equal to the invoice conditions of the delivered and poorly recognized goods, or free replacement of these goods after return of the goods. the delivered goods are in their original condition, with the exclusion of any other compensation.

  8. Any liability for accidents to persons and/or damage to objects, machines, installations and buildings, as well as any claim for compensation of a professional nature, due to a mistake and/or delivery, in the absence or lack of conformity with the delivered goods, is expressly rejected. In such cases, DKB Group is only obliged, at its own discretion, to either take back the goods delivered at the sale price or simply replace the said goods.

  9. The delivered goods are used and used by the contracting partner at its own risk and without any possible recourse against DKB Group, for whatever reason.

  10. Complaints do not entitle the buyer to demand dissolution of the agreement (purchase and/or contracting) or to omit or postpone payment in whole or in part.

  11. If DKB Group    obtains its goods or services from a third party and this third party, for whatever reason, fails to deliver or does not deliver on time or properly, DKB Group is not liable towards the co-contracting party.

  12. DKB Group's indemnification obligation with regard to defects in the delivered goods does not extend beyond that of DKB Group's suppliers with a maximum term of 30 days after delivery and/or installation.

  13. In case of force in general, such as, inter alia, impediment of transport, delay in supply, etc., this entitles DKB Group   to suspend the execution of the contract or the order, or even to destroy it in whole or in part without obligation to compensation.

  14. DKB Group   also reserves the right, if necessary, to dissolve the contract and/or sale in the event of a change in the condition of the contracting partner: manifest insolvency, application for a judicial or amicable agreement, bankruptcy, publication of protest, etc.

  15. If the contracting partner wishes to terminate the agreement after signing the order form, DKB Group is entitled at its own discretion to continue the execution of the agreement or to claim compensation at the sales or contract price for all costs incurred by it, without that this severance payment may be less than 30% of the total amount stated on the order form.

  16. DKB Group remains at all times entitled to demand bank or mortgage security for the fulfillment of the payment obligation from the contracting partner before delivering or continuing with the delivery, regardless of the payment terms that have been agreed. As long as the contracting partner has not complied with these imposed conditions, DKB Group   is not obliged to deliver or further implement the agreement.

  17. Any exceptionally permitted discounts automatically expire if the payment terms are not respected.

  18. All invoices are payable in cash at the registered office of DKB Group . In the absence of payment on the due date, the invoices will automatically and without notice of default bear an annual interest of 18%. In the event of non-payment of an invoice, all outstanding invoices will lapse by operation of law, regardless of any permitted payment terms. In addition, any price discounts and reductions will expire. The contracting partner will be in default by the simple fact of the due date, without a summons or notice of default being necessary.

  19. In the absence of payment of the invoices, increased by the interest due, within 14 days after sending a registered notice of default, the debtor is legally owed a fixed compensation of 20% of the invoice amount, with a minimum of 61.97 EUR.

  20. Bills of exchange, cheques, postal orders or receipts do not result in novation or deviation from one of the general terms and conditions.

  21. DKB Group cannot be held responsible for the consequences resulting from the summoning or intervention of official emergency services for any reason whatsoever. Any costs associated with such intervention can never be charged to DKB Group  , or recovered from the latter.

  22. In the event of a dispute, only the Courts of Antwerp have exclusive jurisdiction. If the dispute falls to the Justice of the Peace pursuant to the provisions of the Judicial Code, the Justice of the Peace of the judicial canton in Kapellen will have exclusive jurisdiction.

Update: Mai 2022


All delivery costs, both regular and express shipments, are at the expense of the client.


Performance during normal working days, between 7h and 19h

first indivisible working hour :  45 EUR
following working hours (per ½ h)   : 45 EUR/hour

Performances for night and Saturday work

first indivisible working hour:  84 EUR
following working hours (per hour)   : 84 EUR/hour

Performances on Sunday or public holiday

first indivisible working hour :  95 EUR
following working hours (per hour)   :  95 EUR/hour

Urgent interventions are always invoiced in full, i.e. from departure to arrival.


  1. DKB Group cannot be held liable for damage or theft caused to the facility or to the installed materials due to the negligence, negligence or malice of other contractors, their personnel or strangers. All repairs thereof will be charged to the client.

  2. The prices are calculated on normal uninterrupted working conditions, on the basis of information provided by the customer and the totality of the quotation. Unforeseen or abnormal circumstances will be charged as a supplement in accordance with the above-mentioned hourly rates.

  3. Existing devices, systems or tools that have not been delivered or installed by DKB Group may be used under the responsibility of the client, provided this has been expressly requested by him.

  4. Warranty: one year on the material and working hours from the date of delivery and/or installation. The guarantee expires by operation of law if the payment terms of the relevant invoices are not respected.

  5. Invoicing: according to agreed installments, if there is no agreement in this regard, the balance is due before delivery can take place.